Ant Queen 2016

A Full Version Emulator game for Windows

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    Flight Simulators

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    Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 10

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Ant Queen is a strategy title that allows players to build and optimize a massive ant colony while battling dangerous insects. Even though this game is relatively simple, it is an excellent option for anyone who has enjoyed past ant simulators. The bright scenery, catchy music, and unique mechanics help Ant Queen stand out from the competition without being overly complex.

The two primary game types in Ant Queen are the story mode and the unlimited sandbox. During the story mode, players move through 18 levels where they must create an ant colony that is both durable and efficient. In the earliest stages, players need to do nothing more than worry about getting their queen enough food while she continues to lay eggs. As the levels progress, however, new variables are thrown into the game such as food shortages and dangerous insects that will pick off any ants that stray from the colony.

During the sandbox mode, players must try to keep their colony alive for as long as possible. All of the ant types are unlocked at the start of the match, and you will need to come up with new strategies to keep the queen alive. On the easiest settings, the sandbox mode is a great option for novice players who are not interested in complex tactics. As players become more accustomed to the mechanics and controls, they can then turn the game to the hardest settings and fight off an onslaught of spiders, caterpillars, and other dangerous insects.

There is just enough complexity in Ant Queen to make it a fun option for those who enjoy either light strategy titles or simulation games. Once players have made their way through all 18 levels and tried the sandbox mode, it might be difficult to find new reasons to play the game. Luckily, quite a few hours can be spent learning the various stats of each type of ant, and those unique mechanics help Ant Queen stand out from other similar games such as SimAnt and SimLife.


  • Easy controls
  • Eye-catching artwork
  • Interesting stat system


  • Limited game types
  • No achievements
  • Unresponsive AI

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